GlobalVision Systems Solutions – Policy Manager ™ Compliance Management

Policy Manager™An organization often needs to revise their policies, guidelines and manuals. Ensuring that every employee uses the correct version thus becomes a very challenging task. Sometimes, serious problems result because an employee used outdated documents by mistake, or may not have received the updated documents at all. Policy Manager™ (US patent pending) is an innovative product designed to resolve such problems.


If we use a bank as an example, a bank may contain many different departments such as accounting and finance, branch administration, compliance, commercial lending, real estate lending, SBA lending, loan administration, wire transfer, trade finance, information technology, human resources, etc. Each department may have a set of policies, guidelines and manuals. For example, the branch administration department may have policies and guidelines for certified deposit accounts, savings accounts, checking accounts, safety deposit boxes, teller’s cash boxes, currency transaction reports, suspicious activity reports, etc. From time to time, the operations administrator may want to publish the newest interest rate table for certified deposits based on different maturity lengths and dollar amounts. One can imagine how a bank can easily accumulate hundreds of policies, guidelines, manuals, announcements, etc. It is crucial that the most up-to-date versions of these documents are available to all employees at all times.

Most companies publish their policies,guidelines, manuals, announcements, etc. on paper and deliver them to the recipients. If a company has multiple branches in different cities, delivering these paper documents becomes a major overhead to the company. Sometimes, to enforce accountability, a company may have to ask each recipient to sign a receipt upon receiving a document. These receipts must be kept for record. Thus, overhead has created even more overhead.

Very often, a company needs to modify its policies, guidelines, manuals, etc. in order to accommodate the dynamic market changes and evolving regulations set by the government. Anytime a modification is made to a document, a company must go through the expensive and labor-intensive process again to print, distribute, and ensure the receipt of the revised document. Unfortunately, even after all this extra effort, a company may still face the risk that the employees may simply use the wrong old version of a document by mistake.

Moreover, searching for information from a stack of documents is a difficult and time-consuming process. A typical employee may not have the time to search for the needed information during his/her busy daily schedule. Therefore, employees seldom review these important documents published on paper unless they have no other choice. As a result, publishing and distributing these policies, guidelines, manuals, and announcements becomes a waste of valuable time and resources.

Policy Manager™ is designed to resolve all the issues listed above. Instead of going through the conventional printing, delivering, and acknowledging process, Policy Manager™ empowers the administrator of a company to instantly publish these policies, guidelines, manuals, and announcements online. Due to the fact that each organization may have different departmental structures, Policy Manager™ grants users the complete flexibility to design their own directory trees to match its organizational structures. Through the password and user ID security protection, only the designated persons (e.g., operations administrator) have the right to publish any documents through Policy Manager™.

Once a document is published by Policy Manager™, all employees of the organization can access this document instantly through the Internet or Intranet. Since the administrator can easily control the version of the document that is published, employees can have the confidence that they will always get the most up-to-date policies, guidelines, manuals, and announcements from Policy Manager™. Because the documents are published in an electronic format, users can quickly locate the information they need using a computer search. As a result, Policy Manager™ will greatly increase the effectiveness of these policies, guidelines, manuals, and announcements.

Policy Manager™ adopts the advanced browser-based technology to facilitate user access. There is little need for user training since most computer users are familiar with the Internet browser today. There is little need for technical support because a browser is available on almost all the users’ computers. Policy Manager™ is compatible with Unix, Windows, and Linux. It uses the ”thin client” system architecture, which means that a user computer with very small memory and no hard drive can still access Policy Manager™ with ease.


Policy Manager™ has completely eliminated the overhead and deficiencies associated with the conventional approach in publishing and distributing company policies, guidelines, manuals, announcements, etc. in a paper format. Naturally, it greatly increases the effectiveness of these documents. With Policy Manager™, employees will be able to conduct business in a uniform, effective, and efficient way. The company will tremendously boost its overall productivity and profitability.