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ENQUIRER OFFICER®The Ultimate Protection Through Dynamic Enhanced Due Diligence

ENQUIRER OFFICER® is the most innovative solution to protect financial institutions against unforeseeable risks caused by customers.  It empowers financial institutions to automatically conduct Dynamic Enhanced Due DiligenceTM (DEDD) on a 24 x 7 basis so that risk management and regulatory compliance experts of the financial institutions are well informed of possible threats ahead of time.

The traditional approach of asking customers questions during the account opening to know the customers is no longer effective in today’s fast-changing environment.  Many politicians including some heads of states have been prosecuted for corruption in the recent years.  A famous role model can become a notorious person over night.  An infamous criminal can appear to be a good customer to financial institutions across the border.  In fact, financial institutions often suffer from financial losses, reputation damages and regulatory penalties because of their customers.  Dynamic Enhanced Due Diligence is the ultimate protection for financial institutions.

ENQUIRER OFFICER® has integrated several patented and patent pending technologies with hundreds of man-years of effort to produce the most powerful solution that can be easily applied by financial institutions.  The system is automatically updated with information collected from many different sources worldwide and such information includes criminals, money launderers, terrorists, persons with negative news, organizations with negative news, illegal entities, persons on the blacklists published by regulatory bodies worldwide, and politically exposed persons.  This information is collected by risk management and regulatory compliance professionals worldwide and is constantly reviewed by GlobalVision’s experts to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information.  The system also obtains information provided by the United Crimes Elimination Network (UCEN) which provides United Financial Intelligence exclusively for people working in financial institutions or government organizations.

ENQUIRER OFFICER® automatically scans new customers with all the existing records accumulated within the system so that financial institutions can identify possible threats caused by new customers.  Furthermore, the system automatically scans all customers with new information received by the system so that financial institutions can identify possible new threats caused by existing customers.  Since the system is also updated with the list published by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and other similar organizations, it automatically empowers financial institutions to comply with the requirements set by OFAC and other similar international regulatory bodies.

ENQUIRER OFFICER® can be installed as a standalone system.  The Application can also share the same hardware and database with PATRIOT OFFICER® and GUARDIAN OFFICER® which are the #1 BSA/AML/ATF/FACTA/UIGEA/ANTI-FRAUD solution endorsed by many famous trade associations.  PATRIOT OFFICER®, GUARDIAN OFFICER®, ENQUIRER OFFICER® and United Crimes Elimination Network jointly formed the most powerful regulatory compliance and risk management solution for financial institutions worldwide.

Knowing Your Potential Threats Ahead of Time



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