Education & Anti Money Laundering Training

Education & Anti Money Laundering Training

Most companies only offer remote training, but GlobalVision understands that each financial institution has different preferences and needs. To accommodate each individual insitution, GlobalVision offers three training options for our users to effectively use of our solutions. In addition, we also offer other educational training opportunities on various Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management and Anti-Fraud topics.

At GlobalVision, we believe the key to effectively implementing and utilizing the sophisticated solutions our company offers is to educate and equip our users with the proper knowledge and skill sets necessary to combat and prevent potential risk and fraud, while at the same time ensuring they meet with all regulatory compliances. In particular, we offer comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering Training, an essential tool in maintaining a safe and prosperous financial institution.

Unlike most companies who offer only remote training, GlobalVision understands that each financial institution has its own preferences and needs, and therefore may require that its training specifically be geared toward a particular set of circumstances and challenges that dictate their environment. To accommodate each institution and its individual needs, GlobalVision offers three different types of training options—a Training Academy, Remote Training, and On-Site Training—in order to allow for our users to better understand and implement the comprehensive solutions we provide. Whether it is Anti-Money Laundering Training, BSA Training, Anti-Fraud Training, Regulatory Compliance, or Risk Management, we offer a myriad of educational training opportunities covering various topics relevant to financial institutions. The most effective software and resources are only further enhanced when its users are comprehensively trained and prepared to utilize these sophisticated tools with an in-depth understanding.

  1. Training Academy: The Training Academy is an in-class training sessions. There, users interact with an experienced BSA/Compliance instructor and other industry professionals in a relaxed, classroom-like environment. Each participant is assigned a notebook computer of their own in order to allow them to interact and gain experience with the software solutions and workbook materials provided. The experienced GlobalVision training staff has already trained hundreds of Certified Experts, all of which have received official certification documents upon completing our comprehensive Training Academy.
  2. Remote Training: Remote Training is conducted via WebEx meetings where a conference call and link are set up between the instructor and the financial institution for complete communication. Arrangements for the Remote Training sessions are completely flexible and specifically tailored to accommodate the exact needs of the particular financial institution.
  3. On-Site Training: On-Site Training allows us to arrange for an experienced instructor to be sent to a particular financial institutions’ premises in order to provide comprehensive and individually focused training at your convenience. Arrangements for training are fully customized, flexible, and specifically tailored to accommodate the financial institution’s exact needs and desired schedule.

Additional Educational & Training materials are available to members of the United Crimes Elimination Network (UCEN), the most powerful global network ever established to prevent financial crimes. To inquire about becoming a member of UCEN, please contact us at