Bank Risk Management Partners

Bank Risk Management Partners

The largest trade associations in the nation recognize our products and solutions as the best in the industry. We work to strengthen our relationships with our many clients through continually improving our value proposition to our partner associations and their members. We make it our goal to ensure successful partnerships through our relentless dedication and unwavering support.

With over fifteen years of solid history and excellent track record, Global Vision has empowered customers to pass US regulatory examinations THOUSANDS OF TIMES with impeccable results.  After very careful and intensive RFP evaluations of all the products on the market, the American Bankers Association, NAFCU (National Association of  Federal Credit Unions), New York Bankers Association, Pennsylvania Bankers Association, Connecticut Bankers Association, Colorado Bankers Association, Vermont Bankers Association, Wyoming Bankers Association, Montana Bankers Association and many other well-known trade associations across the nation are all endorsing PATRIOT OFFICER Banks ® as the  #1 BSA/AML/ATF/FACTA/UIGEA Solution.  With over 1,000 US financial institutions across the nation as customers, these financial institutions have chosen our solutions over competing products because they firmly believe that using the product which has long been widely considered the best Regulatory Compliance, Anti-Fraud and Risk Management solutions is essential to protecting their financial institutions against financial losses, regulatory risk, reputation risk and monetary penalties.

Regulators and examiners are raising their standards every year. More and more financial institutions which used other competing products have either failed their regulatory examinations or found that their previous products were simply outdated or otherwise no longer worked for them. Since making the switch to our solutions, all of these financial institutions have passed their regulatory examinations with excellent results and have increased their efficiency dramatically.

We continue to actively explore potential partnerships with established players in the industry. We recognize the immense value of our strategic relationships and look forward to cultivating long-term partnerships with reputable organizations.